Turkestan Style with Sudanese brother

Enjoy life. That’s easier with some simple information everyone should know.

Language is a vehicle. How you get there is just as important as where you go. Enjoy the process!


First, let’s change the name from “Workshops” to “Funshops.” That’s really a better description.

Second, relationship make us who we are. I’ve been teaching various subjects for 20 years in East Asia and there are some topic areas I, friends and students find most useful and fun. I’m posting the curriculum for a couple of them here.

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Below you can download a curriculum outline for a learning/sharing workshop that can change the world. I also have a simpler, colorful PPT version for kids.

Workshop 2 – Counseling anyone?

Everyone has problems sometimes. How do you help? Below is one of the simpler and most reliable models I first learned in the university. I’m posting the PPT version of this workshop. Enjoy!

Below is my CV.

Me (center back) with some of my fun high school students in Beijing, 2019

I enjoy teaching. Hard to believe? Not really.

I make it fun.


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