至:官员海默 Officer Hǎi mò

关于: 申请六个月签证延期 Request for six-month visa extension

一.中国的国家安全问题  China’s national security concerns and,

二. 社会的正义和良知”。Social Justice and conscience

发件人:Brundage, Gregory Christopher

护照号码:Passport Number: 483801711

2020年11月10日November 10, 2020

请在下面下载中英文详细信。Please download detailed letter in Chinese and English below.

“许多国家对中国的负面看法达到历史最高点。”上述文章描述了对中国国家安全的最大威胁。由美国国防部塑造的舆论。相比之下,我广泛发表的文章、书籍和互联网网站对中国的公共关系非常积极。”Unfavorable views of China reach historic highs in many countries.” The above article describes what may be the single greatest threat to China’s national security. Public opinion shaped by the American Department of Defense. My published articles, books and internet sites counters that with positive public relations. I should be helped in that work.

申请6个月签证延期的其他理由 Additional rationale for requesting 6-month Visa extension

根据google和bing.com的搜索结果,我在国际媒体上对中国的积极推广取得了成功。(圆圈代表我的照片)My positive promotion of China in the international media has been successful as measured by google and search results. Circles means my photos.
Bing.com的搜索结果(圆圈代表我的照片) search results (circles means my photos)
Academia.edu分析摘要-在此网站上查看我发表的作品的大多数人都是大学教授 analytic summary – most people who view my published works on this site are university professors

如果此页面的读者从未经历过美国霸权主义战争,或由于美国霸权政策而失去了亲人的家人,他们将无法真正判断或欣赏我在中国申请六个月签证的请求。 由于美国的外交政策和政治腐败,我失去了叔叔,母亲,妻子和孩子。 我认识的大多数中国人对美国都有一种温暖舒适的感觉-就像这是一部迪士尼电影一样。 那不是我的感觉。 我要做的就是继续在这里工作,探索,学习和交流有关中国艺术,体育,历史,哲学和文化的信息。 If the reader of this page has never experienced an American hegemonic war, or lost a loved family member due to American hegemonic policy, they cannot really judge or appreciate my request for a six month visa in China. I lost my uncle, my mother, my wife and my children because of American foreign policies and political corruption. Most Chinese I know have a warm cozy feeling about the United States – like it’s a Disney movie. That’s not the way I feel. All I want to do is continue my work here, exploring, learning and communicating about Chinese arts, sports, history, philosophies and culture.

这是我11年来一直在做的事情。 我只想被允许继续。This is something I have been doing for 11 years. I only want to be permitted to continue.

“温故而知新 可以为师矣”

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