以下是关于我在 1970 年代中期犯的错误的文件。 我从来没有伤害过任何人。 然而,我确实偷了相对较少的钱来买食物和支付我的大学学费。 我还偷了两本书。 警察没有抓住我。 我自首,认罪,还钱。 就这些。

Below is a document relating my errors of youth in the mid-1970s. I never hurt anyone. I did however steal a relatively small amount of money for food and to pay my university tuition. I also shoplifted two books. The police did not catch me. I turned myself in. I confessed to my crimes, I repaid the money. That is all.

我曾经在中国不小心触犯了法律。 我和当时我认识的任何人都不知道在我的主要工作之外教书是非法的。 在我之后,警察对此变得严格。 在我被捕之前,没有人知道这是非法的。 就这些。I accidentally broke the law in China once. Neither I, nor anyone I knew at that time, knew teaching outside of my primary job was illegal. After me, the police became strict about that. Before my arrest, nobody knew it was illegal. That is all.

现在,我不能在中国工作,必须离开这个国家。 我在这里的所有投资都将丢失。 这是一个悲惨的损失。Now, I am not allowed to work in China, and must leave the country. All of my investments here will be lost. This is a tragic loss.

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