此页面旨在与中国有关当局共享文件。 我谦虚恭敬地请求授予我在中国的友谊勋章,因为我在过去的 12 年里在中国和为中国所做的大量不同类型的志愿者工作。

This page was prepared to share documents with relevant authorities in China. I am humbly and respectfully requesting I be awarded a Friendship Medal in China for the large amount of different kinds of volunteer work I have done in and for China during the past 12 years.

我还发表了许多文章和书籍,批判性地研究了从4世纪开始的西方帝国主义,揭穿了美国的反华宣传,回顾了禁止美国政府对中国采取敌对行动和美国新闻审查制度的美国法律和国际法;捍卫中国在当今世界角色的新闻。I have also published many articles and books critically examining western imperialism starting in the 4th Century, debunking American anti-China propaganda, reviewing American and international laws prohibiting many of the US government’s hostile actions towards China and American censorship of news defending China’s role in the world today.

此外,我在中国目前需要的三个独立领域中拥有罕见的技能,并在这些技能领域中得到了证明。Also I have rare skills in three separate area that China needs at this time, and proven abilities in those skill areas.

  1. 通过英语杂志和书籍在国际媒体上建立积极的公共关系“桥梁”。Positive public relations “bridge building” in the international media via magazines and books in English.
  2. 在世界各地的丰富国际经验和出色的研究能力,使我能够撰写和发表“另类新闻”故事,批判性地审查美国对华攻势的非法性质,而且受众包括最大的大学群体 世界上的教授 Huge international experience all over the world and excellent research skills that allow me to write and publish “alternative news” stories that critically examine the illegal nature of the American offensive against China, in addition to an audience that includes the largest group of university professors in the world, and,
  3. 我拥有编辑中国大学教授和研究生所需的科研论文的罕见能力,以使他们的研究成果在国际期刊上发表。我在中国和韩国的大部分编辑工作都是为了医学和工程研究文章。I have the rare ability to edit scientific research articles needed by Chinese university professors and graduate school students to get their research published in international journals. Most of my editing here in China and in South Korea was for medical and engineering research articles.

以下是一个需要考虑的谦虚请求:国家功勋荣誉表彰 – 友谊勋章

Below is a humble request to be considered for the honor of: National Meritorious Recognition – Medal of Friendship.


“Anyone should be allowed to speak out, whoever he may be so long as he is not a hostile element and does not make malicious attacks. It does not matter if he says something wrong. Leaders at all levels have the duty to listen to others. Two principles must be observed: 1) Say all you know and say it without reserve; 2) Don’t blame the speaker but take his words as a warning…”

毛主席语录:1948年的任务,1944年12月18日。Quotations of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung: The Tasks of 1948, December 18, 1944.

人们必须使自己的思想适应变化了的条件。当然,任何人都不应该胡思乱想,或者在没有客观情况支持的情况下制定行动计划,或者为不可能的事情做准备。但今天的问题是,右翼保守思想在许多领域仍在作怪,使这些领域的工作跟不上客观形势的发展。现在的问题是,许多人认为,如果他们发挥作用,就不可能完成事情。- 毛泽东主席语录《中国农村的社会主义热潮》(1955年12月27日)

People must adapt their thinking to the changed conditions. Of course no one should go off into wild flights of fancy, or make plans of action unwarranted by the objective situation, or stretch for the impossible. The problem today, however, is that Rightist conservative thinking is still causing mischief in many spheres and preventing the work in these spheres from keeping pace with the development of the objective situation. The present problem is that many people consider it impossible to accomplish things which could be accomplished if they exerted themselves. – Quotations of Chairman Mao Tse Tung, Preface to The Socialist Upsurge in China ‘s Countryside (December 27, 1955)

形势瞬息万变,要想适应新形势,就必须学习。 即使是对马克思主义有较好的认识,无产阶级立场比较坚定的人,也要继续学习,吸收新的东西,研究新的问题。- 毛泽东主席语录——在中国共产党全国宣传工作会议上的讲话——(1957 年 3 月 12 日),第 1 袖珍版,第 8.

Conditions are changing all the time, and to adapt one’s thinking to the new conditions, one must study. Even those who have a better grasp of Marxism and are comparatively firm in their proletarian stand have to go on studying, have to absorb what is new and study new problems. – Quotations of Chairman Mao Tse Tung, Speech at the Chinese Communist Party’s National Conference on Propaganda Work – (March 12, 1957), 1st pocket ed., p. 8.

谢谢您的考虑。 社会主义革命万岁!Thank you for your consideration. Long live the socialist revolution!

下面是我的简历。 Below is my CV.

Some people say negative things about me but they do not know the details. I am not a proud man but honestly report I have nothing Mao Tse Tung didn’t do a million times better. I have never initiated a conflict or intentionally divided people. I have always sided with the poor and workers. The struggle against unrestrained imperialist capitalism will go on with or without me. But, throwing me away, is a waste.

Thank you for your consideration.

The above photo was taken at the base of Panshan, Jixian, Tianjin. “Come and go in peace.”

I know that mountain well, and the monks of the North Shaolin, some of the villagers, and the histories, myths and legends of that mountain. Whatever happens in the future I will take those memories with me. More importantly, I shared them with the world through my published articles and books. Many of the people I interviewed for that series of articles have since died – but their memories live on. I thank them and revere their memories.

If given the opportunity to work legally here in China I will continue that journey to illuminate the untold stories and share them with the world.

Thank you again for your consideration,

石龙 – 恒悟 (A little humor in my Shaolin name, no? Wù 悟 as in 孙悟空 )! Ha, ha. Am I a naughty monkey? I was born in the year of the monkey, that is true. He attained enlightenment at the end of his journey. Will I? Ha! Who knows.

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