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我们的父母给了我们生命,但正是我们的教练将我们的铁铸成了钢铁。 他们带着愚蠢的男孩和女孩,使我们成为有纪律,有上进心,自信和熟练的年轻人。 他们是全世界社会的无名英雄。Our parents give us life but it is our coaches that forge our iron into steel. They take silly boys and girls and turn us into disciplined, motivated, self-confident and skilled young adults. They are the unsung heroes of societies worldwide.

Coach Teshome, Addis Ababa
Coach Noor Saquib, Islamabad, Pakistan

我的一些武术功夫教练朋友想在不同的丝绸之路国家工作。 但是,其中一些需要首先提高英语水平。Some of my Chinese coach friends want to teach Wushu Kung Fu in different Silk Road countries. But, some of them need to improve their English first.

Traditional Wushu Coach Arteom, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

下面你会找到一些帮助中国武术教练提高英语水平的PPT。第一个PPT是初级水平,“生存”英语基本需要。第二组PPT是专门为指导套路和散打准备的。这些只是为朋友准备的PPT初稿。此页面上的所有PPT均使用中文和英文。 我在每个PPT的每一页上添加了录音,以帮助发音。 我一生都在学习外语,所以我知道最难的部分之一就是说母语的人说话太快! 因此,在录音中,我的讲话非常缓慢且清晰。Below you’ll find some PPTs to help Chinese martial art coaches improve their English. The first PPTs are beginner level, “survival” English for basic needs. The second group of PPTs are specifically for coaching Taolu and Sanda. These are only preliminary draft PPTs prepared for friends. All of the PPTs on this page are in Chinese and English. I added voice recordings to each page on each PPT to help with pronunciation. I’ve spent my entire life learning foreign languages so I know one of the hardest parts (of learning a foreign language) is native speakers talk too fast! So, in the voice recordings I talk very slowly and clearly.

“下载”一词是 The word “Download” is 下载 in Chinese.

因此,只需单击下面的“下载”按钮,该文档就会下载到您的计算机或手机上。So just click on the DOWNLOAD buttons below and the document will download on your computer or phone.

Coach Ma Duk, Hanoi Junior Team Coach

0 1 a 第一个PPT是非常入门的英语。This first PPT is very basic English for the beginner.

0 1 下面的PPT具有帮助任何人学习任何外语的信息。The following PPT has information to help anyone learn any foreign language.

1 a 中国教练的自我介绍 Chinese coach self-introduction.

1 b 下一个PPT讲授问候和再见. Greetings and goodbyes.

2 下一个PPT介绍了数字和支付方式。Numbers and paying for things

3 下一个PPT是关于如何从这里到那里:了解方向和运输。How to get from here to there: Understanding directions and transportation.

4 在餐厅中不同食物和订购食物的名称。 此外,还介绍了一些基本的基本会话技巧。Names of different foods and ordering food in a restaurant. Also, some basic basic conversations skills are presented.

4 b会话:代词连接词和动词“ Be” Conversation: Pronouns, conjunctions and the verb “Be”

5 武术通用词汇. Wushu general vocabulary

6 a 中文套路词汇 A Chinese Taolu Vocabulary

6 b 中文套路词汇 Chinese Taolu Vocabulary

7 a 散打词汇 Sanda Vocabulary

附录1 本PPT非常简要地总结了中国武术的古代历史,并对中国武术的几种主要风格进行了系统地分析和归类。Appendix 1: This PPT very briefly summarizes Chinese Wushu ancient history, and systematically analyze and categorize a few major styles of Chinese Wushu Kung Fu.

Coach Tofik, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

本页上的照片只是过去几年我在丝绸之路旅行时遇到的许多优秀教练中的几个。 非常感谢所有人的辛勤工作和对学生以及我的耐心理解。The photos on this page are just a few of the many excellent coaches I met traveling the Silk Roads during the past few years. Many thanks to all for their hard work and patient understanding of students, and me.

英语教练自我介绍:尊严与自决的和平。 我认为这些都是很好的目标。 我还认为,交流和教育是实现这些目标的最佳途径。 武术训练有助于教会我们自律和尊重他人。English Coach Self-Introduction: Peace with dignity and self-determination. These are good goals I think. I also believe communication and education are the best roads to accomplish these goals. Martial art training helps by teaching us self-discipline and respect for others.

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