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The following books were compiled from two series of articles published in A partial publication list can be downloaded here 具有超链接的已发布文章发布列表:


Rebuilding the North Shaolin Monastery – 2010 to 2020


ISBN: 9798661286116

This book is a collection of a series of articles first published in Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine 2010 to 2020 that follows the 10-year reconstruction process of the venerable North Shaolin Monastery on Pan Mountain (“Panshan”) near Po Hai Bay connecting to the Yellow and East Seas. This monastery is not to be confused with the headquarter Songshan Shaolin in Henan closer to central China. The North Shaolin Monastery joined the Shaolin family at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty under the direction of Xueting Fuyu, 1203–1275 an abbot of the Shaolin Monastery of the Caodong lineage. Antecedent histories prior to its destruction in 1942, views into the philosophies and daily practices of the monks, memories and legends shared by villagers on Panshan, as well as some possible futures are presented in clear detail. This book also contains many large photos that help bring to life the 10-year reincarnation process and unique history and character of the mountain in vivid color. The Epilogue illuminates remarkable similarities between the great religions and philosophies of the world and emphasizes there has never in history been a greater need for peace and cooperation than at this present time.


Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour Volume 1


Land Silk Roads from Xi’an to Istanbul! 从西安到伊斯坦布尔的丝绸之路!

E-book and Paperback available

ISBN: 9798653365492

On one level this book is about the incredible and ongoing journey of a seasoned martial artist learning about the ancient Silk Roads and the Wushu Kung Fu masters and students that live along them. On another level this book is a spiritual journey giving the reader an insider’s look into the cultures and human beings that were so kind and helpful all along the road. No doubt the roots and flowers of human civilization can be found along the ancient and modern Silk Roads. History, humor, incredible skills, archeological wonders, in fact the highest heights of human endeavor are waiting for the travelers who choose to take a different path and discover the beauty and wonders of the world’s mightiest trade routes, the Silk Roads.


The Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour Continues – Volume 2

丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅继续 – 第2卷

Pakistan – Gansu China – Qatar – Addis Ababa, Tigray Ethiopia – Vietnam – Japan – Indonesia – Shanghai, Ningbo, Yuyao China – Thailand and Hong Kong


ISBN: 9798653721496

North Shaolin Monastery – History, Culture and Reincarnation


ISBN: 9798666390030

Most recently I published a collection of articles originally published in Taekwondo Times Magazine called: Silk Road Taekwondo Quest. It too can be bought on Or, you can download the PDF version for free below.

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09HPLVP58
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (October 8, 2021)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 430 pages
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8491462049
Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 2.04 pounds
Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7 x 1.2 x 10 inches

In this epic adventure the wandering Silk Road martial artist Gregory Brundage takes the readers along the ancient and modern Silk Roads to visit Taekwondo Federation officials, masters, coaches, teams, clubs and students in addition to other local martial art centers, in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and China. In each country he interviewed and photographed the masters and students, usually training with them, and visited the major Silk Road sites, museums and other cultural landmarks. This book emphasizes the commonalities and unity of martial artists across the entire continent of Asia from China to Turkey, bonded by love of the arts, self discipline, mutual respect with a healthy dose of fun mixed in. To top it off the incredible artistic beauty of the ancient worlds he traveled are brought to life in large color photos complete with illuminating historical narrative. This Silk Road martial art book reaches back 5,000 years and inter-plays that passion and drama with the best of human qualities today.

KUMDO – Korean Sword Fighting Art

A text for learning the basic vocabulary and beginning training techniques of Kumdo

KUMDO-韩国剑术 – 用于学习 – 基本词汇和入门训练技巧的文本

Kumdo is the Korean version of Japanese Kendo; it is different and the same. Just as Japanese Karate is an extension of Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu, so too Kumdo is a related to Kendo. © 2018 by Gregory Brundage and Ahn Jeong Huan (안정완)

本书Kumdo是日文剑道的朝鲜语版本; 它是不同的,相同的。 正如日本的空手道是中国少林功夫的延伸一样,金道也与剑道有关。

Articles 发表的文章

The Universality of Meditation and Enlightenment


Breath and reconnecting with everything 呼吸,重新连接一切

Before reading this article please relax. Take a deep breath. Take another deep breath. Awareness of one’s own breathing connects body/mind/spirit naturally. It’s the key to meditation. Is the body/mind/spirit three things or one? Originally one, but our analytic thinking brain chops it into three. Meditation is like a doorway back to our Originally One state. Just the word “Breathe” can be our “key,” – a conditioned response bringing us back to our real humanity and health. So, throughout this article I will repeat and repeat: “breathe.” It’s a wonderful habit to develop whatever we are doing.

在读这篇文章之前请放松。深呼吸,再深呼吸。对自己呼吸的感觉自然地连接着身体,思想,精神。这是冥想的关键。身体,心灵,精神是三回事也可以是一回事?最初他们其实是一个,但是我们的分析思维大脑把它分成三个。冥想就像是回到我们原始状态的一扇门。仅仅“呼吸”这个词就可以成为开启我们生命另一篇张的“钥匙”——一种有条件的反应,让我们回到真正的人性和健康里。所以,在这篇文章中,我会反复地说:“呼吸” 这是一个很好的习惯,无论我们在做什么。

This article reviews scientific research on meditation, prayer and breath on the immune system and general health.本书回顾了有关冥想,祈祷和呼吸对免疫系统和整体健康的科学研究。

Scientific Research on Chinese Herbal Medicines for Treatment of COVID-19


public domain
Article in Chinese and English 中文和英文

Very brief review of some a tiny fraction of the scientific research on China’s herbal medical treatment for COVID-19. These traditional medicines were/are often (but not always) used in combination with more standard western medicines. Chinese medicines are usually more slowly acting, but have less side effects than western medicines. Considering the relative success of China’s response to COVID-19, these traditional treatment systems appear to have been effective in most cases. (12 pages)

本书非常简短地回顾了中国针对COVID-19的中草药治疗的一小部分科学研究。 这些传统药物经常(但不总是)与更标准的西药结合使用。 中药通常起效较慢,但副作用少于西药。 考虑到中国应对COVID-19的相对成功,这些传统治疗系统似乎在大多数情况下都是有效的。 (12页)

国际旅游业 International Tourism

石龙还对旅游业感兴趣。 例如,他在《非洲酒店,旅游与休闲杂志》上发表了一篇文章Stone Dragon also has an interest in the tourism industry. For example he published an article in the African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure.

国际外交 International Diplomacy

石龙还对国际外交感兴趣。 他在马来西亚,韩国和中国对外国大使发表了20多次采访。Stone dragon also has an interest in International Diplomacy. He has published more than 20 interviews with foreign ambassadors in Malaysia, South Korea and China.


In May 2020, academics from 159 universities read his books and articles posted on

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