Going to primary schools in different countries I had to fight a lot when I was a child.

所以,我不喜欢恶霸 One thing I learned is that I don’t like bullies.

我很幸运,小时候经常旅行。 我12岁之前的12个国家/地区。 另一方面,我不得不和很多真正的虐待狂欺负男孩打交道,这些男孩大多在学校里。 他们几乎总是在帮派中攻击我,并且几乎总是开始打架。 我讨厌打架,但很快就知道跑步并没有帮助。 他们只会在以后打败你。 有时你必须站起来战斗。

I was very fortunate to travel a lot when I was a child; 12 countries before I was 12 years old. On the other hand, I had to deal with a lot of real sadistic bully boys mostly in schools. They almost always attacked me in gangs, and almost always started fights. I hated fighting, but soon learned running doesn’t help. They’ll just beat you even worse later on. Sometimes you have to stand up and fight.


I was fortunate again at age 12 (1969) to start learn martial arts, including judo, Taekwondo, Karate and in 1972 Kung Fu. That helped a lot to balance the scales in my favor. Soon, no more bullies were attacking me and I was able to help others who were being bullied. Also, I did a lot of tournament and club fighting. And of course, stayed in school, which was followed by 15 years of university.

我的爱好和目标 My hobbies and goals

In regards to my hobbies, I do a lot of sports. During the past five years I’ve traveled a lot along the Silk Roads interviewing the Wushu/Kung Fu masters and Wushu Federation Secretary Generals, national team coaches, and many very talented athletes. (See “Publications” on Menu above.) That series of excellent adventures has been recorded in a series of articles published in www.kungfumagazine.com called: The Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour.

关于我的爱好等,我从事很多运动。 在过去的五年中,我沿着丝绸之路走了很多路(步行,公共汽车,火车甚至骑骆驼),采访了武术/功夫大师和武术联合会秘书长,国家队教练以及许多很有才华的运动员。 (请参阅上面的菜单中的“出版物2”。)在www.kungfumagazine.com上发表的一系列文章中记录了那一系列的奇妙历险:丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅。

During the past eight years I’ve also competed in many Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlon competitions.


作家石龙-奥运距离铁人三项 Writer Stone Dragon at end of swim before bicycle segment of Olympic distance Triathlon
作家石龙2019年5月20日 Writer Greg Brundage (石龙) May 20, 2019

但是武术是我的初恋。But martial arts are my first love.

在越南河内与国家武术队一起训练-2019 Training with the National Wushu Team in Hanoi Vietnam – 2019

我的目标很简单。My Goals are very simple.

我喜欢促进世界和平。I like to promote world peace.

我想继续在中国,亚洲以及北非进行“丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅”。I would like to continue my Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour in China, Asia and also North Africa.

我希望有一个中国电视台或体育节目可以和我一起参加这个项目。I hope there is a Chinese TV station or sports program that can join me in this project.

下面是石龙的C.V。 Below is Stone Dragon’s C.V.

请下载以获取更完整的出版物列表。 它是中英文 Please download C.V. for a more complete publication list. It is in Chinese and English


Please see my publications page for a partial list of books and articles I have written during my 11 years in China.




有助于保持丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅“在路上”的捐款将不胜感激。 由于一系列“特殊”情况,我去年在北京失业,但由于签证要求,我必须每两个月离开中国一次。 因此,将真诚欢迎任何和所有贡献。Donations to help keep the SILK ROAD KUNG FU FRIENDSHIP TOUR “on the road” will be appreciated. Due to a “unique” set of circumstances I’ve been unemployed for the past year here in Beijing, and must leave the country every two months due to visa requirements. Thus, any and all contributions will be genuinely welcome.

礼物可以通过微信制作。 我的微信名字是: naturalman2014

Gifts can be made via WeChat. My Wechat name is: naturalman2014

要么 (Or)

paypal.me/silkroadtraveler  /email: director@silkroadresearchcenter.org Name: Brundage Gregory Christopher/  Location is Beijing

由于整个美国的孔子学院正在关闭,因此如今中美之间没有太多的文化艺术桥梁开放。 您对丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅的捐款将帮助保持其中一座桥梁的生命健康。As the Confucian Institutes are being closed across the USA, there are not so many culture and arts bridges between the USA and China open these days. Your donations to the Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour will help keep one of those bridges alive and well.

即使快速浏览google.com和bing.com,也会显示出我是世界上被引用最多的丝绸之路功夫记者。Even a very quick look at google.com and bing.com will show you I am the single most cited Silk Road Kung Fu reporter in the world.

这是Google搜索“丝绸之路功夫”的首页。 带圆圈的照片是我的照片。This is the first page of a google search for “Silk Road Kung Fu.” The photos with circles are my photos.
这是bing.com搜索丝绸之路功夫图像的第一页。This is the first page of a bing.com search for Silk Road Kung Fu images.

The Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour articles are online 24/7/365 at www.kungfumagazine.com

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