Inner peace is easy – just breathe.

I was so lucky to have great yoga teachers when I was young. It has helped keep me balanced and healthy in what are sometimes unhealthy places.

So, breathe, smile, and enjoy the wondrous diversity of life.

我的爱好和目标 My hobbies and goals

As one gets older we (hopefully) learn the value of hobbies. Live to work? Maybe, if you love what you do and do what you love. But! We all need a diversity of interests to keep our minds and bodies fresh.

For example, during the past 10 years I’ve participated in many Sprint and Olympic distance triathlon competitions.

作家石龙2019年5月20日 Writer Greg Brundage (石龙) May 20, 2019

我喜欢促进世界和平,通常通过搭建桥梁来努力实现这一目标。 迄今为止,我的16个国家的丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅就是其中一种形式。 (请参阅本网站的“出版物”页面以阅读 系列文章。)I like to promote world peace and usually work on that by building bridges. My “Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour” and “Taekwondo Quest” of 16 countries so far, is one form of that. (See “Publication” page of this site to download free PDF books of those series of published articles.)

在越南河内与国家武术队一起训练-2019 Training with the National Wushu Team in Hanoi Vietnam – 2019

我的目标很简单。My Goals are very simple.

I spent the past 12 years in Beijing where I taught years 11 and 12 at a large private school. Before that I lived in South Korea where I spent three years teaching at private academies, before four years teaching at a university. That accounts for the past 21 years of my primary professional activities.

As of this writing, Nov. 1, 2021 I’m in Phuket, Thailand looking for a meaningful job of some kind, probably teaching/learning, as I know it’s always a two-way street.

All meaningful experiences in life include learning, especially teaching.

After a year, or two, or maybe more…

…我想继续在中我想继续我的丝绸之路功夫友谊之旅,去其他我还没有去过的丝绸之路和非洲国家。 迄今为止? 大约 16 个国家/地区,但我总共生活并旅行了 30 多个国家/地区。…I would like to continue my Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour and Taekwondo Quest in other Silk Road and Afrikan countries I haven’t yet visited. So far? About 16 countries, though altogether I’ve lived in and traveled through 30+ nations.

As a part-time gig I also do part-time work as an editor. I’ve been doing editing for graduate school students, professors and translation companies in South Korea and China for about 20 years. After my editing, research articles – mostly engineering and medicine – are much more likely to get published because I don’t just edit the English, I also carefully review all aspects of the papers I agree to work on. Editing complex research is usually done in stages, depending on the quality of the work I’m first given.

My simplified Resume (Word doc.) is below.

My simplified Resume (PDF) is here:

My more complete CV can be downloaded here.

My internet sites include this one, Heart Publications, and several others…





And I regularly write for:

https://www.kungfumagazine.com published in California.

My phone number here in Thailand is: 09 3666 7075

Email is: gregbrundage(at)live.com

I can also be contacted by Wechat, my contact name is: naturalman2014

You can see a short (very amateur) video about my Silk Road Kung Fu Friendship Tour here:

The captions are in Chinese but the photos tell the story and the music is mostly American

I later bought the above camel (I rode in the Taklamakan desert) and then donated her to an outdoor animal zoo so she no longer has that plug through her nose.

Incidentally I am the single most cited Silk Road martial art reporter in the world.

This is the first page of a google search for “Silk Road Kung Fu.” The photos with circles are my photos.
This is the first page of a bing.com search for Silk Road Kung Fu images.
This world could be a wondrous garden if we all just worked cooperatively.

Breathe! Appreciate the beautiful panorama of life and all will be well.

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