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Promoting peace via sports diplomacy

G. Brundage 石龙

Updated April 21, 2021

The whole world needs to start to work together for a change to rebuild our world. We need to restore health to the world community and our ecosystems. 整个世界需要开始共同努力,以做出改变来重建我们的世界。 我们需要为国际社会和生态系统恢复健康。

I like building bridges and so I write, take photos and build internet sites. Communication and education are the best tools for social change. Towards that effort I hope you take a look at my publications page.

I also have traveled a lot on all continents and read a lot. Below are some “alternative news” sources I like reading. I don’t agree with everything all of publish, but know I need more than Mainstream Media (MSM) to know what’s going on in the world.

Why do I write? Several reasons.

At the age of six in 1963 my family moved from the USA to Cambridge England. Every day on the playground there was a big gang fight. The cool kids were the “British,” the “losers,” the overweight, low IQ, and other “weird” kids were on the “other side,” the dreaded “Yanks” (Americans). Being the first American in that school I was automatically on the Yanks side of that big gang fight. Every day in history classes the teachers taught about the American Revolutionary War: “And then the vicious Yankee dogs shot down the good British lads because they didn’t feel like paying taxes…” I’d never even heard of the American Revolutionary War before that. Being a real “American” (Yank) I was a special target. Every day I had to fight gangs of much bigger boys. That was the beginning of my personal anti-colonial wars. I can’t count the number of times I was punched in the face and had my head literally bounced off the cement. One time walking home from school I was first hit from behind in the head, and then beaten unconscious by a gang of British boys. I learned how to fight gangs that year, and that I really don’t like bullies.

In late 1968 my family moved back to the USA from a year in Madrid followed by a long tour of Europe. Right across the street from our family house was a large state university. In 1969 I started Judo classes and then a couple of years later Kung Fu Classes. Over the next 15 years I fought in more than 300 martial art tournaments including Judo, Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, Western Fencing (epee), and some years later, Kendo and Korean traditional archery.

I’ve traveled and lived in 30+ countries for about half of my life. Wherever I go I train with the locals. A great way to make new friends, have fun(!), and stay healthy too. That’s the good life!

ITF in Georgia – Great guys, great club, great time!