Heart Publications


Abdul Rashid bin Abdullah

DBA: G. Brundage 石龙

The whole world needs to start to work together for a change to rebuild our world. We need to restore health to the world community and our ecosystems. 整个世界需要开始共同努力,以做出改变来重建我们的世界。 我们需要为国际社会和生态系统恢复健康。

I like building bridges and so I write, take photos and build internet sites. Communication and education are the best tools for social change I think. Towards that effort I hope you take a look at my publications page.

I also have traveled a lot on all continents and read a lot; classics, biographies, histories, news and yep, even novels. Below are some “alternative news” sources I like reading. I don’t agree with everything all of publish, but know I need more than Mainstream Media (MSM) to know what’s going on in the world.